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AXL Health is an AI company providing precision patient and member intelligence  


A New Innovative AI Company to Support Whole Person Care

AXL’s AI provides a new level of actionable Precision Patient Intelligence (PPI) for health plans and health systems which enables comprehensive personalized care and engagement. Based on the combination of an individual's consumer patterns and medical attributes AXL’s PPI:

a. identifies a person’s health risks and propensity for a chronic condition,

b. scores and trends a person’s monthly management of a known chronic condition,

c. identifies SDOH gaps at the individual person level to close,

d. determines a person’s preferred engagement methods, retention risk, and  new    acquisition propensity



Privacy is Personal

Our daily lives are really no one else’s business other than our own. Protecting the hundreds of digital data points we each create daily is foundational to AXL Health solutions. While 80% of our health is impacted by our daily decisions, sharing those intimate details is a personal choice and isn’t necessary to support personalized care. Protecting our privacy while helping our care teams provide personalize care is paramount. 


Humanizing Care

Humanizing care means enabling the people we have entrusted with our care delivery (providers and health plans) to provide whole person care by knowing more about us, as a person, and our risk factors that could be positively or negatively impacting our health while also recognizing and balancing the limited amount of time our care teams may have with us. 

Empowering Care Teams to Personalize Engagement

I am a person, not a population. Too often in healthcare we are given the broad strokes (diet, exercise, don’t smoke, etc) but not specific recommendations to me or messaging in a way or tone that speaks to me versus a general population. Knowing me better as a person enables my care team to speak to me as a person and has a higher chance of influencing my decisions.

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